We develop each project with focus on outcomes and with true partnership spirit.

We know it’s not so easy and requires dedicated effort persistently on top of technology innovation.


Inkwiry brings business intelligence to personal and financial planning via integrated apps and tools so young people can make smart moves in life and reach their individual goals.

Inkwiry’s revolutionary software allows you to hone goals and aspirations, explore and organize huge amounts of data, analyse multiple scenarios and compare options in real-time.

Delivering the most entertaining movie experience.

Get yourself updated on your favorite movies, reviews, stars and events on the go. Keep yourself engaged.

Built to enable your success.

Built to enable your success. A fintech platform that was built to empower individuals and SMEs financially in a easy and effective way.

Canvs tools measure emotions so you can win.

Canvs works to identify and measure emotions in any type of content. Canvs products empower you to turn good data in to great stories.

Unfold the FACT based Data.

That empowers people through information and insight.

A content rich neutral platform with a quarriable knowledgebase of 150 mil and fast growing in a highly structured and innovative way.

Delivering the most enriching edutainment experience.

Delivering the most enriching edutainment experience.QuizPursuit is a stimulating and educational application that provides Knowledge, Entertainment, Education and Enrichment.