ReactJS for Cross platform applications


ReactJS for Cross platform applications

If you are looking for a simple JavaScript framework that is amazingly responsive and backed by a fast growing community, ReactJS is your choice.

ReactJS is adaptable and a versatile framework.

ReactJS is emerging fast with the eco-system gradually evolving from being a preferred choice for building high performance single page applications to building main stream applications.

Flexible and Lightweight JavaScript library

Since React.js was introduced, it overtook AngularJS with some of the best features, super-fast rendering engine, One-way data flow paradigm, easy-to-follow architecture, flexible and light weight. As a library, ReactJS simplifies the creation of interactive applications by integrating with other JS frameworks and libraries. Later on, Angular got significant version updates incorporating the best of features.

Also, the one-way data paradigm makes sure the data from the backend only goes through a single unmitigated route before being presented to the application’s user. In other words, from the moment it’s requested to the moment it’s displayed, retrieved data remains constant.

The React ecosystem

ReactJS is a lightweight JavaScript library and can be easily integrated with third-party libraries and is a popular choice for high performance small and medium applications. Though we can develop large web applications based on ReactJS, use of various third-party libraries as part of the eco-system will have some limitations in the enterprise environment though there is no specific challenge.

The synergy

Redux and Relay, the two libraries for managing data in React applications have gained lot of traction over the last few years. GraphQL integrates with React through Relay framework.

React Native is one excellent offering by Facebook team to develop apps for Mobile platforms. React Native is very flexible, cost-effective and is very popular.


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