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Announcing React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh

We’re excited to announce React Native 0.61, which includes a new reloading experience we’re cal


Meet Hermes, a new JavaScript Engine optimized for React Native

Last week at Chain React we announced Hermes, an open source JavaScript engine we’ve been working


Announcing React Native 0.60

After months of hard work from hundreds of contributors, the React Native Core team is proud to anno


Node v13.1.0 (Current)

Notable Changes cli: Added a new flag (--trace-uncaught) that makes Node.js print the stack trace at


Node v13.0.1 (Current)

Notable Changes deps: Fixed a bug in npm 6.12.0 where warnings are emitted on Node.js 13.x (Jordan H


Node v10.17.0 (LTS)

Notable changes crypto: add support for chacha20-poly1305 for AEAD (chux0519) #24081 increase maxmem


Moving to Angular 5? Find out Yay or Nay!

AngularJS is quickly evolving and we have witnessed two major updates in the past 14 months. Now, th


Building an App – Ionic Vs React Native

More and more companies are putting efforts on building digital products. A mobile application or we


AngularJS vs. ReactJS: How the Two Compare?

Product companies have evolved over the last few years. While some years back, the focus was on goin


Noelle on Disney Plus is Anna Kendrick's second-rate Elf movie - CNET

But who doesn't love Anna Kendrick?


Mandalorian teaser: Star Wars Disney Plus series delivers the action - CNET

The bounty hunter series starring Pedro Pascal premieres Tuesday on the new streaming platform.


Black Friday 2019: The best TV deals available right now (and what's coming soon) - CNET

Need a new TV? Here's the best big-screen bargains you'll get this week.


How Microsoft enables businesses to develop complete views of customers via data processing

Satish Thomas, head of product for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, discusses how to levera


How higher-ed researchers leverage supercomputers in the fight for funding

Not only are researchers using supercomputers to analyze large data sets and conduct experiments, bu


How to leverage predictive analytics for employee retention

Competition for skilled tech workers is fierce, so a new program actually predicts when an employee


Comment on WikiHow Gets Pretty, And Hits 20 Million Monthly Visitors by The History of wikiHow and the Future of the Internet - The Entrepreneur Fund

[…] took a long time to get big, and in December 2009, TechCrunch wrote that while wikiHow was