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Announcing React Native 0.62 with Flipper

Today we’re releasing React Native version 0.62 which includes support for Flipper by default. Thi


Meet Doctor, a new React Native command

After over 20 pull requests from 6 contributors in the React Native Community, we're excited to laun


Announcing React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh

We’re excited to announce React Native 0.61, which includes a new reloading experience we’re cal


Node v14.5.0 (Current)

Notable ChangesV8 engine is updated to version 8.3This version includes performance improvements and


Node v12.18.2 (LTS)

Notable changes deps: V8: backport fb26d0bb1835 (Matheus Marchini) #33573 Fixes memory leak in Proto


Node v12.18.1 (LTS)

Notable Changes deps: V8: cherry-pick 548f6c81d424 (Dominykas Blyžė) #33484 update to uvwasi 0.0


Moving to Angular 5? Find out Yay or Nay!

AngularJS is quickly evolving and we have witnessed two major updates in the past 14 months. Now, th


Building an App – Ionic Vs React Native

More and more companies are putting efforts on building digital products. A mobile application or we


AngularJS vs. ReactJS: How the Two Compare?

Product companies have evolved over the last few years. While some years back, the focus was on goin


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Can't-miss meat deals, comin' in hot for the long summer weekend.


A bright fireball over Tokyo explodes with the force of 165 tons of TNT - CNET

A space rock reportedly causes a sonic boom as it crashes into our atmosphere over Japan.


Curb Your Enthusiasm head Jeff Schaffer learned a key rule of comedy from Sasha Baron Cohen - CNET

The creator of The League also discusses his show Dave, which stars comedian and rapper Lil Dicky, p


Why modern applications demand polyglot database strategies

Commentary: Ready to move all your applications to NoSQL databases? It's not that simple.


Using embedded analytics in software applications can drive your business forward

Analytics in your tools can help users gain insights that can help move your clients and the organiz


3 big data lessons from a COVID-19 mapping and modeling project

Gathering data at the speed of life can make it hard to discern real information from a large amount


Comment on Paper Or Plastic? by How the Kindle was designed through 10 years and 15 generations - ECNT

[…] It was the Kindle Touch, however, that signaled the future of the device — although at t


Comment on Sequoia Capital’s 56 Slide Presentation Of Doom by Mémo: Il est maintenant temps d'agir - RaceCapital -

[…] Lorsque j’ai déménagé pour la première fois dans la Silicon Valley en 2008, le m