GraphQL and API development


GraphQL and API development

GraphQL is the fastest growing query language for API development making it easy to get predictable results.

Ease of maintenance

GraphQL has become a choice for many developers due to the limitations associated with procedural REST and SOAP. GraphQL is comparatively flexible especially in handling bundles and making changes to the data.

It is easy to fetch all the data from hundreds of data points to render on the screen from diverse sources in the cloud, database, micro services or third party API’s with a single request as compared to REST APIs which require loading from multiple URLs.

GraphQL is comparatively flexible and safe as it is a strong type system with powerful syntax GraphQL SDL (schema definition language) similar to other strong typed languages like Java, TypeScript and Swift. It is easy to optimize performance and manage developer workflows between client and server.

GraphQL for modern applications:

GraphQL provides data accurately as per the requirement leading to more predictability, stability and performance. GraphQL is an ideal choice to build modern applications where it sits on top of all the service layers, cloud assets and resources making it easy for the developers to query without having to create multiple REST endpoints for every use case.

Compatible with all data repositories and major UI frameworks:

GraphQL is fully compatible with existing REST and SOAP APIs making it more assessible to data and application sources of all kinds of Relational (SQL), Non-relational (NoSQL) or any other data repositories. Developers can extract the data from various distributed databases across public and private cloud environments from a unified GraphQL interface leaving those infrastructure maintenance tasks to respective teams.

GraphQL uses simple queries for reading data from the database and mutations to make changes to the backend allowing for easy access to the new data.

GraphQL integrates with all major UI frameworks like React, Angular and Vue by using plain HTTP or any transport layer and is available on iOS and Android.

Fast growing community:

The fast growing community and the tremendous popularity GraphQL library is getting from the developers will make it as a top choice for adoption by technology enthusiasts. GraphQL is backed by Facebook under the umbrella of Linux foundation as an independent organization and is evolving as an eco-system to build powerful tools.

As an opensource technology, GraphQL has been powering Facebook mobile apps since 2012 and is adopted by many leading companies worldwide.

It is easy to extract data from multiple data points in the cloud to render the pages faster.

To explore GraphQL and how to power your apps with React or other technology frameworks, contact us.


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