Angular for Enterprise applications


Angular for Enterprise applications

As we move towards a world of ultra-fast performing apps, micro-services and component/container driven business models, Angular is evolving fast in line with the market trends.

Angular as one of the most popular JavaScript Framework is fast evolving with significant performance improvements with each version and a complete framework.

Angular is ideal for building enterprise applications with integrated best practices and features for dynamic, robust and scalable applications with ultra-faster performance. As a powerful framework, angular powers highly interactive and dynamic applications like Google, Udemy, YouTube, PayPal and other leading platforms.

  • Angular Material and CDK enhancements.
  • Smaller codebase
  • Drag and drop features
  • Faster server side rendering
  • Intrinsic performance improvements
  • Better security
  • Complete framework
  • Enterprise ready

Angular Material design supports the best practices of user interface design. The technology helps load only part of the page that need updates quickly instead of loading the whole page resulting in enhanced performance with seamless user experience without wait times. As a visual language of choice, developers can design responsive pages with clean user interface similar to Google apps.

With increased security and accessibility features, applications developed on Angular can achieve faster load times with better performance, a critical driving factor to engage customers in a dynamic and interactive way.


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